Top 7 beauty tip from all around the world

Whether you are a beauty blogger or new to the beauty world everyone needs some beauty tips up their sleeves. Why not take some help from different countries? And use their beauty secrets to take our skincare game to the next level. Each county has a different culture and some great beauty tips that make the people of that region unique and beautiful in their way. Let's take a look at other countries' beauty tips and hacks.

Though Mexicans are known for their spicy food, yet they have some fascinating beauty tips up their sleeves. One of which is that Mexican women curl their hair using teaspoons. Firstly they heat a spoon using warm water and then dry the spoon using some kind of cloth. After that, they take the warm spoon and bring it close to your eye with its curved edge facing out from their eye and hold it for a couple of seconds, and voila you have perfectly curled lashes without mascara.

South Asian women are adored for their long and lustrous hair. Pakistan is one of them. Pakistani women constantly use henna(dried up Laws onia interims plant). To color their hair into a reddish-brown color. Henna has the following benefit:

Henna is a great natural conditioner for hair. 

Promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall. 

Repairs split ends.

In Indonesia, Coconuts are used for various purposes and are grown in an enormous amount. Coconut water is a hydrating natural drink with good taste. Indonesian people drink loads of coconut water which is a secrete of their glowing and shiny skin. Coconut water has many health benefits.

Saudi Arabia:
Honey or liquid gold is eaten a lot by Arabian people and enjoyed. Saudi women swear by honey, they use it to make DIY face packs for their skin. It not only moisturizes your skin deeply but also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid not only in the removal of excess oil but help in curing acne.

Italy is a country famous for pizza and coffee. Italian women not only drink coffee but also repurpose it as a scrub. They mix it with some type of oil usually coconut oil and use it to exfoliate their face and skin. Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants that's why it helps remove dead and sloughed-up cells. Due to the caffeine in coffee, it gives your face a fresh and clean look.

Oils are used widely in African countries for skin and hair, and argan oil has numerous advantages. Argan oil is used for multiple purposes for instance moisturizing the skin and protecting it from the scorching sun. Argon oil has a compound Polyphone that helps fight allergies. Argon oil aids in anti-aging and relaxes skin.

Koreans are known for their 10 step skincare routines, but they have also collected some great skincare tips and the best of which is using rice water for your face. They generally soak rice for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse their face with the rice water. Rice water has many benefits as It's a natural moisturizer that helps slow aging, reduce dark circles, fade age spots, and brighten skin.