How to photograph custom candle boxes for businesses

Today I chose the topic of photography and custom candle boxes because I realize that many have lost their jobs due to the current pandemic. It has given a boost to entrepreneurship. Individuals are now experimenting with the skill sets they have to create earning opportunities for themselves. They are also searching about how they can boost their sales to make their products appear attractive sitting on the shelves and various social media channels. My friend Minerva started working with her husband after she was left unemployed during the current pandemic. She was the one to introduce custom candle boxes for her husband’s brand.  And boy, did that work. Within a week, their orders doubled. After a month working with candles, she also launched a jewelry product line just in time for Valentine’s Day. Again, she worked on the designs of her custom packaging boxes, which paid off.

The next Minerva did after ordering her custom candle packaging was call up Julie, our mutual friend who is a seasoned photographer. She wanted her online community of customers to feel excited about the products she was offering in their custom candle packaging, which she had ordered from the top packaging experts. She knew that a poor photo of a wonderful product could devastate her hard work and investment. But only a professional and quality photoshoot can do justice to the products and their packaging. 

Plus, she wanted her customer to stay updated about the different custom packaging boxes they can select when ordering their products. She updated the packaging section on her website and social media accounts according to the various events like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, etc. Individuals who are looking forward to improvising the perceived value of their products and their custom packaging boxes can use photography tips discussed here.

Custom rigid candle boxes
Whether you are offering cost-effective custom cardboard boxes or an expensive custom rigid box, make sure to include it in your range of packaging options that are visible and accessible to the target audiences. Always stay ahead of your competition like Minerva, who knew that Valentine’s Day would be perfect for displaying her beautiful and inspiring custom rigid boxes. She displayed all her candles along with the different sizes and shapes in custom rigid packaging on the shelves of the local retail. She even created several posts about these packaging options to upload on her social media accounts to reach out to maximum people. Planning like her and using the images from the photography session according to various events will help businesses better target their intended markets.

Do not make the mistake of shying away from introducing your target audiences with the impressive custom printed rigid boxes you have in stock. Even if the premium stock of your product finishes, the target audiences must know about the packaging options available for them. When busy with the shoot of your products and their custom printed rigid boxes, make sure there is enough light. 

Professionals like Julie always scheduled their photo sessions during the early mornings or around tea time. Around this time light, is plentiful but not harsh. Even then, make sure that your photographer brings enough lighting tools for the shoot. 

Display of Images
The products, for the same reason, must be placed in front of the source of light. Light plays a significant role in capturing impressive images of the products. Remember that this display of images will attract customers for you online.

It is better to shoot these boxes against a white background. It will greatly with the post-shoot editing. Later on, it can add text and other creative themes to these images to customize them according to various occasions. To minimize it must use shadows props for photo sessions. They must take the images of the products from every angle. The images must include products and their custom rigid candle boxes.