Exercise Precautions after ACL Reconstruction Surgery

If you have had surgery, especially a surgery such as an ACL reconstruction surgery, you may be concerned about exercise precautions after ACL reconstruction surgery in Philadelphia, or wherever you happen to live.  If you have had surgery recently, your doctor may have even included exercise precautions after your ACL reconstruction surgery in Philadelphia. You will want to make sure that you adhere to all of these precautions, but also get the exercise needed to help your muscle, bones, and joints become strong again and work in unison. To follow all of the guidelines and exercise precautions after your ACL reconstruction surgery in Philadelphia that your doctor has given you, it is best to have a great physical therapy treatment plan.

Physical Therapy Treatment Plan in Philadelphia
If you have been playing sports for very long, you know that you need a great game plan if you are going to win. A physical therapy treatment plan is your recovery game plan, and your physical therapist is your new recovery coach! 

Physical Therapist and Coach
As an athlete, you will be able to look at your physical therapist as an additional coach, perhaps a recovery coach. A physical therapist like Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance will be able to help you design a physical therapy treatment plan in Philadelphia that will guide you down a victorious road to recovery. When they design your physical therapy treatment plan in Philadelphia you will learn how to better exercise and prepare your body for the sport in such a way that you will not be susceptible to injuries in the future. Typically these injuries happen because of overuse and they can be anywhere from mild to very severe. Learning effective physical therapy exercises is a great way to help to prevent these kinds of injuries. 

Physical therapy can be about a lot more than healing. For the smart athlete, physical therapy is about performance and preventative maintenance. Visiting a specialist such as Petroski Physio and developing a physical therapy treatment plan in Philadelphia can give you a real competitive edge and help you avoid injuries that plague the careers of so many great athletes. Sometimes this can be treated without surgery but typically a UCL injury will need surgery followed up by physical therapy. 

Physical therapy in general is something that athletes and active people from all walks of life should get more acquainted with. Physical therapy shouldn’t wait until after surgery. That’s like not refueling your car until it stops running and has to be pushed to the station. If you want to keep your body in tip-top shape, you should see a physical therapist and start developing a physical therapy treatment plan today. If you are looking for a great physical therapist in the Philadelphia area, visit Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance online or in person at