Everything You need to know about Wet Rooms

Everything You need to know about Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are becoming the latest bathroom trend in the UK. They are a perfect choice if you want to create a contemporary look in the bathroom. A wet room offers the ultimate solution for a limited bathroom space. You will not shower enclosures or bathtubs in the bathroom to create a lot of extra space for you. 

What is a Wet room
A wet room is a dedicated shower area open from all sides. There is no bath, shower enclosures, screens, or even a shower tray. The shower area is at the same floor level, so you do not have to take any steps to get into it. Homeowners love it due to its modern minimalist design. A small bathroom looks spacious by installing a wet room, which is a great way to add value to your home. 

 Besides, we have discussed few advantages of wet rooms. 

Stylish and Luxurious Look.
Wet rooms look stylish and luxurious without much effort. That’s why we often see them in modern bathrooms. Homeowners are particularly interested in the sleek and minimalist designs leading them to change their outdated baths into an open shower area. Although wet rooms create the illusion of more space, many people prefer them in large bathrooms.

Make your Bathroom Look Bigger
A wet room is a modern trend and makes your bathroom looks bigger. According to experts, a new bathroom in your home adds extra value to your home, and a wet room will make your property even more valuable. 

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance
As wet rooms offer an open shower area without a shower enclosure, shower screens, and a shower tray, you do not need much time to clean and maintain it. Compared to a traditional bathroom, your time spent on cleaning is significantly less. You may have to look after your floors and walls only. 

Suitable for the Whole Family
A wet room is suitable for the whole family. From kids to adults and even the elderly who have limited mobility, they can easily use the wet room. A wet room has no steps to get in, no doors to open, and it is on the same level as the bathroom floor. So, it is easy to use to make it particularly beneficial for the elderly. 

Install Anywhere
Unlike shower enclosures, a wet room has the flexibility of installation anywhere in the house. Whether you have wood or any other floor, a wet room can be installed with the proper drainage system. It depends on how you will drain your water. There are many ways to make your shower area waterproof. Perhaps many people also use shower screens to prevent water splashes. 

Luxury at Affordable Costs
 Wet rooms look luxurious without any doubt. But it does not cost much compared to shower enclosures or baths. So, it is a luxury that is affordable, costs less but still adds value to your home. So, if you are interested in creating a contemporary look in the bathroom without spending much amount, then a wet room can be a perfect choice for you.

Wet Rooms at Royal Bathrooms UK
A wet room has many benefits ranging from its stylish look to more comfortable cleaning and suitability for people with mobility issues. Although you can install a wet room without a shower screen, an addition of these will be beneficial for preventing water splash-outs. Therefore, we suggest looking for our walk-in enclosures and wet room screens to make your shower area even more functional. In addition to that, wet rooms a trendy option that is particularly suitable for creating a contemporary modern look in the bathroom.